Work with Barbara

Sucess.  It is more than just career advancement.  It is about balancing family and career.  It is about allocating resources to accomplish your dreams. Coaching with Barbara will help you to assess what’s working in your life and address what may be holding you back from having a life you love.

Three tracks are offered with impactful sessions that will give you practical tools to achieve your goals.

Love your Life:

This focused coaching will help you:
  • Clarify what you want in life
  • Identify what has been holding you back
  • Implement a powerful program to move in a positive direction.

Live your Dream:

The first step to following your dream can be a large step requiring much courage.  This coaching is focused on:
  • building a mindset of grit and courage
  • developing a plan that will work
  • provide accountability and encouragement for the journey.

Develop/Sustain a new business:

Want to be your own boss?  Feeling stuck as a business owner?  The business coaching program will
  • Strategize a new business or grow an existing business
  • Clarify your business goals and develop a business plan to achieve them
  • Create a marketing strategy to power your business success