Dealing with Fear

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Real fear: the running for our life or having someone trying to kill us is not a day to day occurrence for most of us. 
Most fear today is in the form of worry, embarrassment, anxiety, and stress. However, our physical bodies treat both kinds of fear the same way with the flight or fight response. When there is nothing physical to fight and there is no place to run too, the tension rises.  
Fear is an enemy of success.  
               Fear stops people from taking advantage of opportunities.  
                                              Fear wears us down physically and can make us sick.  
                                                                              Fear closes our mouth when we want to speak.  
Here are some ways to deal productively with those feelings:

 Action cures fear


When we face difficult problems we stay stuck until we take action.  Sometimes we hope things will get better.  And hope is a start, but hope needs action to win the day. Give this a try.  The next time you face a big (or a little) fear.  Take a deep breath.  Steady yourself.  Ask this question:  what action can I take to conquer this fear?